About us

At the start of 2019 we embarked on a monumental life changing adventure, moving from London to Adelaide with two young children. It made us really take stock of our belongings and after many garage sales and private selling, we were left with items that were truly important to us. This experience has made us realise that too many people hold onto unnecessary items and have an abundance of things that they no longer need, like or in fact, even work.

We are not suggesting that to be happy you need to be minimalistic, as we still have kept many sentimental items. We have realised though that by having less it is easier to keep things organised and locate items when you need them.  We are thrilled to  have created a serene space for us to enjoy as a family and want to help others do the same.


Lauren Jackman 

My background as a Primary School Teacher has taught me lots of valuable and transferable skills which I have applied in becoming a successful Professional Organiser. I always prided myself on having an organised classroom and was able to work within set timeframes.

Marie Kondos’s Spark Joy book, really resonated with me and made me view my belongings in a different light.  It also came in useful when we were in the process of emigrating from London to Adelaide.

I feel so fortunate to be able to have a job that I truly love and feel so passionate about.

Aside from all things organising, my interests include; reading, meditation, getting out in the fresh air and I love watching my kids have fun on the beach.


  • Professional Organiser Serene Spaces for YouProfessional Organiser course completed with ‘Creating order from Chaos’
  • Currently completing a home styling course
  • DCSI – Police Check
  • First Aid certificate
  • RAN – child protection course
  • Bachelor of Science
  • PGCE Primary School Teacher

Chris West 

As a  kid I always ensured my room was tidy and remember not feeling comfortable in disorganised spaces.

In my adult life I have always strived to have an organised van and tool bag. I hate nothing more than spending valuable time looking for things and I live by the infamous saying, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place”.

Garages are renowned for becoming a dumping ground for unwanted items, kids toys, unused tools and much more.  I have an avid interest in creating a functional and usable serene space in garages. My pet hate is unsightly cabling and wiring, I love nothing more than making sense of a mess of cables and wires using my trusty label machine and cable management systems.

My interests, besides technology,  include geo-politics, holistic therapies, conservation and travelling.


  • Open Cabler registration certificate
  • DCSI Police Check
  • Working with Children check
  • Working with Elderly check
  • Fork Lift Truck License
  • First Aid Certificate

Serene Spaces for You is fully insured and has experience working with NDIS clients.

One day or day one, you decide!