Does Perfect exist?

Recently on a sunny day I decided it was a good time to clean my windows, this job had been on my list for a few weeks and I had put it off and favoured other jobs.  At the end of my window cleaning, I felt a sense of achievement and whilst the windows did not look completely perfect, they looked better than when I started, this idea of ‘perfect’ struck a chord with me and I started thinking that there are probably many people who put tasks off because they are worried that the outcome will not be perfect.  Life is not perfect and you get out of life what you put in, for many people with decades of “stuff” to sort thorough, the enormity of the task becomes too much to comprehend and they may feel despondent as they fear they will never be able to get to a level of perfect.

My window cleaning items plus water, washing up liquid and elbow grease!

On this same day, I made carrot soup which I l briefly looked at a recipe but I figured a few adaptations here and there were needed, so in case you are wondering half a tin of light coconut milk is truly exquisite in  soup and I would highly recommend it, now like my windows , some people would have tried my soup and found it too lumpy or sweet, but for my son and I it was a delicious shared meal that was perfect for us. I am known for my cooking and baking adjustments and I will probably not change, I like to try new things …

Finn enjoying his soup in a big boy bowl!

I want to share a really interesting conversation with a client who revealed that she felt increasingly more anxious as her home became more organised as she felt like once she had reached this level of ‘perfect’ it would mean that her job on earth would be done and so the last few organising projects she had been stalling,  as she wasn’t ready to enter into a completely organised stage of life and was fearful of what this would mean. For myself personally, I feel that my ‘ organising journey’ is constantly evolving and I am always finding new systems to try out and I find myself often revamping my wardrobe/ pantry or kids play room, my home is far from perfect but for our family it is perfect f and we strive to keep on making a serene, organised space that we can enjoy together. The client previously mentioned is now on the last leg of her ‘ decluttering journey ‘  and she has contacted me to say she is feeling the positive effects of having an organised serene space, she will now need to work hard to keep her home organised and find her version of ‘perfect’.  She is now looking forward to collecting memories as opposed to “stuff” and is looking forward to the future.

Life is short and it should be spent making  fun and meaningful memories not feeling anxious and overwhelmed about clutter.  If you have a home project that you have been procrastinating about then I would encourage you to take the leap of faith and just start, your future self will thank you.

If you need a helping hand please reach out to us.

Working together perfectly, well …sometimes!!
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