Frequently Asked Questions

What happens before an appointment?

  • First, we would chat on the phone/ correspond via e- mail to work out the areas that need attention
  • An e-mail is sent out detailing our Serene Spaces for You plan of action for the appointment plus terms and conditions are sent for the client to view
  • For NDIS clients a service agreement is prepared
  • An appointment invitation is sent for the client to accept
  • A day before the appointment, a text message is sent to remind the client about our appointment

What happens on our first appointment?

  • A client will show us around their home so we can get an overall picture of the space.
  • We then start in one area and begin hands on decluttering and organising.
  • Throughout the appointment advice is given on how to organise items and suggestions are made on how to maintain an organised space
  • Furniture is sometimes moved around to better suit the room.

What happens to my donations?

  • One boot load of Items for donation will be taken away, this is all included in the price.
  • Many items will go to local op (charity) shops, Lauren helps run the Facebook page for ‘The Caring Place‘ in Morphett Vale 5162.
They are open term time only, Thursday and Fridays 9:00- 3:30 and accept cash only
  • We also recycle towels/ pet items at Lonsdale RSPCA.
  • We take stationary/ arts and crafts to Kindy’s/ child care centres and have donated to a number of community centres and homeless charities.
  • Tools and wood are taken to ‘ The working Men’s shed in Hackham’
  • Many recyclable items are taken to Office works such as batteries, ink cartridges and pens.
  • We take old electricals to Bunnings.
  • Other items have been taken to Hackham recycling centre and we have also given items away for free on local Facebook groups.

Can you help me sell items?

  • We can help assist with taking photos of items to sell and can help write descriptions for the items and can recommend prices.
  • We can also help you get prepared for a garage sale.

What happens after an appointment?

An email is sent out outlining what we have covered in the appointment and photos will be attached outlining the process. Suggestions on things to action between appointments will also be recommended and is intended to help support you with your decluttering journey. Follow up appointments can then be made.