Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments will I need to book?

This varies from client to client. Some clients will only need a one off 4 hour pantry makeover whereas other clients may need ongoing support. Appointments are 3 hours minimum and can run up to 5 hours.

Will my donations be taken away?

All donations will be taken to local Op shops and items like batteries, pens and old ink cartridges will be recycled at Officeworks. Stationary items will be taken to local Schools and Kindy’s.

Do I need to be present during an appointment?

Most clients will be present during appointments as they will need to make decisions on which items need to be kept/ donated. Some jobs like filing paperwork have been done without a client and we have worked in several garages without the clients present.

Will I be made to get rid of lots of items?

No, we are there to help assist you, we do not tell you what to get rid of this is your decision. We want to help organise your home and ensure everything has a place.