Get lost in a book …

I love how simple yet effective these shelves are at displaying children’s books.

Having taught in the UK for 11 years, I had built up quite a collection of children’s books. I love reading and want to share that with my children, we used to love going to car boot sales in the UK and getting books to add to our collection. books, children's rooms, getting organised with Serene Spaces for YouWe have visited a few good Op shops here and have added a few more to our shelves.

I wanted shelves that made it easier for my kids to see the front cover, I also add small toys/ cuddly toys that relate to the book to further their imagination. Sometimes we just have small beanie toys that become our ‘reading buddies’.

I have given both the kids a reading corner in their rooms and often I find Cassie reading to Finn which is very sweet.

I also store books on shelves and often arrange them according to the colour of the book.

We also have a full shelf of books in a wardrobe, every few weeks I rotate the books around so the kids get to choose form a different selection and so that Chris and I are not going crazy reading the same books at bed time!

I would highly recommend sorting through your children’s books with your child, even at age 4 Cassie is pretty good at sorting her books, clothes and toys.

When we emigrated we did sort through our belongings and this did include books, I donated some to Schools and my local library, books which had a few marks on or small tears I gave to local cafes and dentists who had kids’ corners.

These shelves went up fairly easily and needed stronger raw plugs in the wall, be mindful not to put very heavy books on them though.

The phrase ‘ Less is more’ definitely applies to these shelves.  By having less it enables your child to properly see the book and therefore are more likely to reach for a book.

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books, children's rooms, getting organised with Serene Spaces for You


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The shelves are purchased from Ikea ‘ Malmback’ display shelf white $9.99 804.463.37

The white and wooden rocking chair is also from Ikea (we were lucky enough to get this second hand from a local Facebook group)

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4 thoughts on “Get lost in a book …

  • July 2, 2019 at 6:59 am

    Thanks Lauren
    Sounds like my life…forever sorting and ridding myself of stuff only to bring prettier things in. It’s hard to organise with so many grandchildren constantly bringing out and me putting away and not having time these days to organise as I used to. Will be interested in reading your blog.
    Anything helps.

  • July 15, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    I do like the idea of rotating books and putting some away to avoid the same ones being picked night upon night. Think I’ll be trying this one as we have a LOT of books but tend to read the same ones.
    Loving the shelves. Nice to be able to see the front of the books!

    • September 3, 2019 at 11:15 am

      Bed time books can often become very repetitive, hope you manage to sort out the books and get into the habit of swapping ones in the bedroom and lounge area. Or try your local library for some new titles to borrow. Happy reading!


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