Handy Man Services with Chris West

Fixing a TV to the wall in a outdoor area

About Chris

As a  kid I always ensured my room was tidy and remember not feeling comfortable in disorganised spaces.

In my adult life I have always strived to have an organised van and tool bag. I hate nothing more than spending valuable time looking for things and I live by the infamous saying, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place”.

My interests, besides technology,  include geo-politics, holistic therapies, conservation and travelling.

Garages are renowned for becoming a dumping ground for unwanted items, kids toys, unused tools and much more.  I have an avid interest in creating a functional and usable serene space in garages. My pet hate is unsightly cabling and wiring, I love nothing more than making sense of a mess of cables and wires using my trusty label machine and cable management systems.


First Aid

Cablers lice

Hanging pictures for an NDIS client

Do you have a ‘To do list’ that never seems to get started or finished?

When getting ready to sell your property it is crucial to have all those little jobs finished as potential buyers make an opinion of your home as soon as they walk up to the front door.

Repair/ Maintenance jobs

Repair & maintenance jobs

Garden Jobs: 

Garden jobs

IT jobs:

IT jobs to-do list

What else can we help you with?   

“Just ask” 

If we are unable to do a job, we will be able to put you in touch with a reliable business who can.

Price variable according to job

NDIS clients will be invoiced in accordance with suitable line number

Square card reader is available for payment for private clients

Available within Christies Beach and local area SATURDAYS only