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When we left the UK, I had to make sure I gave good homes to my many house plants and outdoor plants.

Some of my house plants had been part of my home for years and years and I felt genuinely sad not being able to take them with me. My mum now has most of them and keeps me updated on how they are doing.  When we arrived in our rental, one of the first things I did was buy a plant to put in the lounge, instantly the rental felt more like home.

Plants don’t just add colour and life to your homes, they also have a positive impact on your health and well being,

I have collated the top reasons why every home/workplace should incorporate plants into their serene space.

Houseplants make the best natural air purifiers. They have the ability to cleanse the air from toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene which are usually found in paint, cigarettes, vinyl and solvents. Plants can also raise the air’s humidity by releasing water as moisture vapor – this can protect us from getting respiratory problems, dry coughs and sore throats.


English Ivy: English ivy naturally works to reduce mould in your home and helps you breathe better.

Ivy is easy to look after and looks great in macrame hangers
Aloe Vera plants are easy to care for

Aloe Vera: Great for relieving painful sunburns and helps to eliminate benzene and formaldehyde from the air, it has anti- inflammatory healing powers, and is especially helpful in rooms of the home where you spend long periods of time, like the bedroom, it also requires little watering.

Spider Plants:If you are not confident with plants, a spider plant is a great plant to start out with as they are very low maintenance. They produce oxygen, all the while eliminating carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene.

Spider plants are generally low in price and can be purchased from many Op shops too


 I totally agree with this, as I previously mentioned,I was pretty sad leaving my plants behind in the UK and one of the first things I did was buy a plant for our rental which made me feel better and made me feel more at home. Now we have our own home I am enjoying discovering new plants to add to our plant collection and I have been visiting some great garden centres too. I have been surprised at how many great plants are being sold at Op shops, so if you don’t want to spend a lot on plants and want to support a local charity, it’s a win win situation!
For those of you living in South Adelaide, visit:

‘Buy the beach’* Beach Road  in Christie’s beach where there is a large selection of plants for sale.

This is a DIY Terrarium, the bowl was $4 from an Op shop and the plants were from Bunnings

If you want to get creative and make a Terrarium then visit South Australia’s only DIY Terrarium bar in Port Noarlunga, Botanista* offers a unique and beautiful shopping experience.


Plants can help improve your quality of sleep, they produce oxygen at night to help you have a calm and restful slumber. I currently have a peace lily in my bedroom. Other plants to consider in the bedroom are; Snake plant, Jasmine and Lavender.

This gorgeous plant is from ‘the Kokedama collection’ Sarah Whylie has a beautiful selection of plants and does custom orders. She also runs workshops to teach the ancient Japanese art of Kokedama. Check out info on her facebook page.


Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.
As well as enhancing your mood and creating a serene space, plants can also help with your mental well being, tending to plants and being responsible for their growth gives a sense of purpose and when you witness a plant thriving it can be very rewarding. 

I asked someone recently who is a plant lover, what do plants bring to your life?

“I hate human drama but LOVE plant drama. I love making my plants happy, it helps me in so many ways, so many things in plant life you can learn and flip into human life, most importantly it teaches me patience and compassion”

Quoted from a true plant lover


What’s not to love about indoor plants? Not only do they have positive impacts on your health and well being, they add colour and interest inside your home. There are also so many choices of plants available and also so many pots to choose from in different sizes/ colours and material.

Macrame plant hangers look beautiful and are a must if you are limited with space in your home. All you need is a strong hook.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
This Macrame Plant hanger was made by a talented local SA resident Kirsty Marrington who sells these and splendid wall hangings on Facebook.

This macrame plant hanger and pot were purchased from the
Jungle in Willunga* and the spider plant was $2 from an op shop.

If you do NOT have any plants in your home or work place, I urge you please take action and give a plant a home. You will not be sorry, before long you will be like me, always on the look out for the next plant to add to the family and if you already have plants then go and water them and decide which plant you will be getting next! My latest projects include promoting real indoor plants being used in local cafes and restaurants in the local area.

Enjoy creating a serene and green space in your home or workplace.

A selection of a few of my plant family

Contact Lauren today 0422815531 to book your organising/ styling appointment and receive a free plant to add to your serene space.

Places of Interest:

*Jungle Willunga    175 Main Road Willunga  SA 5172

* Botanista – Charlene Maney         18 Gawler Street Port Noarlunga  SA 5167

*Buy the Beach 14-18 Beach Road Christies beach SA 5165

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