Professional Organising

  • Hands on decluttering and organising in any room in your home or workplace

Our SERENE approach:

Share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal space

Eliminate and declutter items, by sorting them into discard and donate

Reorganise your belongings so they are accessible and look aesthetically pleasing, we will teach you skills to keep your space working for you and your family

Everything in its place, we will find a home for all your treasures

New lease of life, a feeling of lightness and well being is restored

Enjoy a serene, organised space for you to relax in    

De-cluttering and hands on organising in any room of your home

Pantry: An organised Pantry will help make cooking and baking easier and will help save you money

Organising systems: We strive to find the best systems for you and your family.


Let Serene Spaces for You help sort out your belongings before moving house.

We can help support you in your moving process by sorting what items are important to take to your new home. We can assist packing / unpacking your treasures and setting  them up in your new space.

  • Estate clearance: We can assist clear a home by sorting items into what needs to be discarded/donated or items to be sold. We can help arrange skip hire and house cleaning services.