Do you want to spend less time looking for items in your home/office/ garage?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that you own?

Do you want more order and organisation in your life?

Let Serene Spaces for You help you take control.

Each client we work with is unique and we will endeavour to make your space serene. We offer a non-judgmental approach and will guide you in a relaxed yet focused way.

To start with, we will have a phone consultation to find out what your needs are.

*Minimum of 3 hour appointment $180*

A $50 deposit is required to make an appointment

If you pay for 9 hours it is an investment of $480 saving you $60, the 9 hours can be used over several appointments

De-cluttering  and  hands-on organising in your home: Allow Serene Spaces to help you decide on what stays and what needs to go. We can also help to sell items on various online groups or we can help recycle these items. We will help you re- discover items that you have forgotten about. Once you have eliminated the clutter, we will reorganise your space and help you learn new skills to keep it organised and serene.

Downsizing: Do you need to reduce the amount of items you have in your home? Allow us to help you decide what is important to you to take to your new home.

Estate clearance: Serene Spaces can help make clearing an estate more manageable. We can offer help in selling/ recycling items.

Property styling and clearance: Do you need help in getting your home ready to sell or rent out? We can help to de-clutter your home to make it pleasing on the eye.

Senior move management: We can help people with clearing clutter that you have accumulated over the years and decide which items you will be taking. We can help with packing boxes and unpacking boxes when you have moved into your new home.

Photo organising:

Do you have an abundance of photos in drawers/boxes/ envelopes?

Have you always wanted to create a family & friends collage but never had the time to create one?

Do you have hundreds maybe thousands of photos on your phone?

Have you ever wanted to make a digital photo album?

Getting your photos in order is so satisfying and looking through albumns with loved ones is a blessing.

We are looking forward to helping you free yourself from clutter and create a serene space that you deserve

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