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This was my first winter in Adelaide and I was surprised at how chilly it can get, maybe I Should have kept more winter clothes from the UK?! I am very happy to be entering into the warmer months and I for one will be embracing the change by ensuring my wardrobe is looking its very best.

I have a set amount of summer dresses/ shorts/ skirts and thin tops which I put into a box during winter, I then put thicker jumpers/ scarves/ hats etc into this box when it starts to get warmer. In the UK we never had walk in wardrobes so it was very hard to get all of my clothes into our shared wardrobe. The season change wardrobe has worked well for me for years and it is always quite exciting to open up the box/ bag and be reminded of the clothes you have packed away. I will take this opportunity to go through my summer items and donate any items I no longer like or know will not fit. My weight has always fluctuated a lot over the years and I used to hold onto clothes in the vain hope I would fit into them again, I now only keep a dress and a pair of Levi shorts that are my goals to get back into. If you are like me and have never quite lost the ‘baby weight’ I would advise that you scale back and get rid of the majority of clothes as you are very likely to not even like the items after months of dieting and will be looking forward to buying a few new items. Plus they are taking up valuable space.

Are you bored of wearing the same old outfits?

We all have a favourite go to pair of jeans or a cosy cardigan we love to put on, clothes help to define us and it is very easy to get caught in a rut and you find yourself wearing the same outfits daily.

Top tip: Lay out your clothes the night before including any accessories you want to style it with. I have been known to style my outfit around a pair of earrings!

Try laying out your clothes the night before including all accessories. This will help you select different items and you start getting more creative with your outfits.

Are you fed up with kids not getting dressed in the mornings?

Mornings can be stressful times especially involving getting kids dressed, I get the kids clothes out ready the night before as I find this easier as I am not really a morning person so I like to reduce the amount of decisions I have to make plus it saves on time. I have started using my timer on my phone to see if my Little Miss can reduce her time each day it takes to take off her pyjamas and get her clothes on. I also try to lay out the clothes in the order that she will be putting them on.

Top tip: Children’s outfits, lay the clothes out in a line in the order you put the clothes on

Get kids involved choosing their outfits and let them press start and stop on the timer to make it more fun!

Have you run out of hanging space in your wardrobe?

If you have a fairly decent sized wardrobe and you still cannot fit all your clothes then I would recommend you have a good look at all your items hanging up, the best way to do this is to take everything off the hangers and then sort into a keep and donate pile. You will probably come across clothes you had forgotten you had as other items had been hung on top of them.

If you are familiar with a ‘floordrobe’ and you constantly cannot find anything then a Wardrobe spring clean is definitely needed.

Top tip: Replace all your odd hangers for the velvet hangers as they save lots of space and prevent clothes falling off the hangers and eliminates the dreaded ‘floordrobe’

Such a small change can visually make such a big difference. Velvet hangers can be purchased from many retailers including K- Mart, Bunnings and online.

Do you feel anxious about the amount of clothes that still have labels on?

This is a really tough one as you start to add up the amount of money that you have spent on the unworn items  and most likely it is past the time to get a refund.

If an item has been bought for a special occasion and not been worn because you have not been out anywhere nice enough, then either arrange a date with a friend or partner or just wear it around the house. A lovely new item can instantly uplift your spirits and life is too short to keep clothing hanging up waiting for a special occasion. Every day is special!

If you have bought clothes because they are a bargain and then not been worn, then maybe you need to revaluate what items of clothing you are buying.

Top tip: Be mindful when you go shopping about what items you actually need.

Serene Spaces was lucky enough to chat with Jo Pulpett from Elevate your Look.

With the last days of winter almost behind us, now is the ideal time to think about getting our wardrobes ready for spring.  Surprisingly this doesn’t mean buying more clothes.  Let’s get excited for the beautiful breezy, sunny spring days ahead of us with minimal fuss.

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Get  your look ready for spring using my favourite 3 tips:

  1. Wardrobe Refresh

Springtime is the perfect time to do mini wardrobe refresh. Bring last year’s spring/ summer clothes to the front so you can see them clearly.  Take your time to match any new clothes with your existing ones, you may be amazed at new outfit options you have. 

 Top tip: Take pictures of the outfits you’ve put together so you can refer when you need some inspiration.

  • Think Layers   

With minimal in mind, I like to focus on having basic essentials in my wardrobe.  These are my everyday go to pieces that can be mixed and matched and layered up or down depending on the weather. Layering is a perfect way to dress when you need to adjust to changes in temperature. To put a layered outfit together choose your centre piece ie. Jeans then add different layering options like your basic tank or camisole, tee, jacket, shoes and accessories. Make sure layers can easily be removed and your outfit still looks put together. 

Top tip: Save time and money by putting together your own basic essential range of clothing creating multiple mix and match outfit options.

  • Accessorise

Give your outfits a lift for the new season by adding colour and texture by wearing accessories. Scarves are a great way to stay warm and add interest to an outfit, they can be easily taken off when the day warms up and pop back on when getting cooler. Wear a new seasons lipstick, hair accessory, earrings or handbag.

Top Tip:  Be adventurous and try a new hair style, wear it up or add a latest hair accessory, this will give you an instant new look.

Scarves help to add a splash of colour to an outfit.

Book your styling consultation with Jo on 0478 292 138 who can assist you with all your clothes styling needs.

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