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We have had the experience of selling three properties in London, we were very fortunate to sell these relatively quickly and managed to get the full asking price for two of these.

Before putting our house on the market to immigrate to Australia we did the following jobs:

  • Painted the ceilings in 2 rooms to make the rooms brighter
  • Replaced broken light bulbs in the kitchen light fitting
  • Tidied up the front and back garden, potted flowers in the front
  • Pruned hedges in the front garden
  • Replaced door mats
  • Got rid of broken garden furniture
  • Cleaned windows inside and out
  • Thoroughly cleaned throughout the house

We also held garage sales and sold lots of items on Facebook marketplace and Shpock. My friends joked that Chris and the kids would have nothing left. It was very liberating selling items that we no longer needed and we were lucky to meet some really lovely people who could make use of our old belongings.

We would urge anyone thinking of selling or renting their house out to embrace this opportunity to really thoroughly look at each room in your house.

Is there a particular area in your house that has become increasingly full? In the UK, the cupboard under the stairs can become home to a whole array of items and many things become redundant. Garages are also particularly  commonly used as the ‘holding’ room. When your kids have grown out of a toy they can often end up here, broken electrical items that one day you may fix allure here, plus exercise machinery that were bought with good intentions suddenly become hidden in the Aladdin’s Cave. As the film Frozen says ‘ Let it Go!’ 

Our ‘Serene’ approach is:

Share your thoughts and ideas of how you want your property to look for sale or rental purposes

Eliminate and declutter items, by sorting them into discard and donate.  We will help to pack up items that are not needed on a daily basis to create a feeling of extra space

Reorganise your belongings so they are accessible and look aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers, we will teach you skills to keep your space working for you and your family while you are trying to sell

Everything in its place and allow buyers to envision living in your home

New lease of life, a feeling of lightness and well being is restored

Enjoy a serene, organised space which has the wow factor for potential buyers or for rental purposes.

The to do list to help you get organised
Photo from free site ‘Dreamstime’

Do you have a ‘To do list’ that never seems to get started or finished?

When getting ready to sell your property it is crucial to have all those little jobs finished as potential buyers make an opinion of your home as soon as they walk up to the front door. We can do the following:

√ Fix door and window screens

√ Replace light bulbs

√ Fix door bells

√ Assemble flat pack furniture

√ Finish small paint jobs

√ Hide all the cables around TV / computer

√ Replace door knobs and handles

√ Put up towel rails

Contact Lauren of Serene Spaces for You today on 0422 815 531 to book your appointment.

To do list Photo from free site ‘ Dreamstime’

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One thought on “Stand out from the rest of the property crowd

  • July 15, 2019 at 8:18 am

    All really strong tips, chaos does not sell homes, looks like you will be giving your clients an edge in a tough market . I am guessing people need advice like this when they move in as well….. Lauren is right on the money……


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