Have a Good Hair day!!!

We have been through many different stages with styling hair, we went through a stage, ages 3-4 where brushing hair was quite an achievement, in the last year Miss C has been watching You Tube and has wanted me to create some weird and wacky styles, I do not claim to be an expert in this field but I will give it a go!

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Stand out from the rest of the property crowd

We have had the experience of selling three properties in London, we were very fortunate to sell these relatively quickly and managed to get the full asking price for two of these. Before putting our house on the market to immigrate to Australia we did the following jobs: Painted the

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Get lost in a book …

books, children's rooms, getting organised with Serene Spaces for You

I love how simple yet effective these shelves are at displaying children’s books. Having taught in the UK for 11 years, I had built up quite a collection of children’s books. I love reading and want to share that with my children, we used to love going to car boot

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It goes by in a flash …

Organising your memories with Serene Spaces for You

I wanted to share how I have organised my children’s keepsake items and special memories. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the organiser in me knew I wanted to track all the milestones in a special book. The one I used is from Amazon and is called Baby to

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