Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments now available, including tips on home schooling and help with organising your house to include your office, workstation and space for a home school environment.

Serene Spaces for You is offering virtual appointments for clients located throughout the world.

Technology has made the world much smaller and we can provide advice to you through a virtual appointment via phone, laptop or tablet.

COVID-19 has meant many families are forced to live in close quarters, including parents left to home-school children while also working from home.  This is where we can help!

Lauren is a Professional Organiser and qualified Primary School Teacher/ tutor, her 11 years of teaching have given her a wealth of experience and she has dealt with a number of children with different special needs. 

This means she’s the ideal person to help you organise your home and workspace.  She can even provide support and tips to home school primary school children.

Your SERENE will enable you to: 

  • Share your current situation 
  • Eliminate physical and mental clutter 
  • Reorganise revaluate and reconsider how you are currently running your home 
  • Everything in its place and everyone on the same page 
  • New lease of life working and home schooling 
  • Enjoy a more serene space working and teaching from home 

It includes:

  1. Conversation via zoom or FB about your situation
  2. We’ll provide advice on how to declutter and organise
  3. Give support to help motivate you to make changes
  4. Email a checklist to keep you on track
  5. Provide home schooling advice and tips
  6. Follow up with a call/email to check up on your progress. 

To arrange an appointment CLICK HERE or call us on 0422 815 531.